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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Getting Better all the Time

As a self employed Virtual Office Secretary, I don't have anyone to ask for training and a personal development plan but myself (unlike the many millions of gainfully employed professionals who can approach their boss or HR department for training on all manner of subjects, but who need to be in the office at 9am and can't leave 'till 5pm - ha, ha!)

Why do I need to continue with any training? I run a very successful business which is growing by some 8 new clients per month (and I've never lost one either).

The answer is simple... we all need to continue to get better at what we do all the time and to learn new skills.

I aim to be the best at what I do and I actively promote this (and I'm proud to say that my clients would confer).

I believe it's important to dedicate some time each week to personal development - I put aside 3 hours and am religous about doing so.

How can I be the best if I can't produce Killer Presentations (no-one is interested in bulleted lists any more - they want mini movies). I invested recently in a great book on this very subject. I'd recommend anyone who creates powerpoint presentations to get it - simply visit

How can I be the best if I don't understand and ulilise a Digital Transcription System (the audio file is created, emailed to me, transcribed and back with the client usually within the hour).

The list is endless.....

I recently read a very interesting book whilst waiting in the reception of Kirkpatrick & Hopes. 228 Ways to Drive your Business Forward, written by Steve Mills of Max Marketing. It outlines numerous ways (well 228 to be precise) to improve you business. I know Steve Mills personally and he's a great guy full of very useful advice and keen to help businesses develop. (The West Berkshire Business Club are very lucky to have him as their Chairman).

Steve recently suggested to me that I increase my prices. I was shocked to start with, but then tried it. I thought I'd loose a few clients - well at least that was my expectation. Actually the opposite happened - I gained.

What am I doing with the increased revenue I've gained?

......I'm investing it in Getting Better All the Time.


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