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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Another WBBC Blogger.....Again

Being new to Blogging and still finding my feet, I made a new post today but in the process managed to delete my inaugural document.

So, here goes again....

This evening (actually Wednesday 25th October) I attended a very interesting and riveting talk, hosted by West Berkshire Business Club, all about Blogging given by internet psychologist Graham Jones.

What a wonderful event. Graham immediately captured the attention of the audience by stating "If you're not blogging today you won't have a business in 2008". Well that comment alone caught the attention of the audience and the rest is history.

For 2 hours (but it seemed like 10 minutes) I and my fellow WBBC members listened, took vast notes and soaked up all the information Graham offered, and then rushed back to our offices and homes and started blogging.

The first post was made by the member who had the furthest to travel, Ivan Clarke of ICT Solutions, quicky followed by the charming and charismatic Nigel Morgan of Morgan PR. Other members soon followed, including The Best of Newbury, Four Four Time and Max Marketing.

It was great to see so many members actively putting into practice the advice that was given.

I'm a strong advocate of this. Many of us attend networking event and business presentations on a fairly regular basis, all of which take time out of our working day or precious personal time, but what's the point unless we utilise the knowledge given.

I attended an equally interesting presentation during the summer on Website Optimisation given by Nigel T Packer once again hosted by West Berkshire Business Club. He offered numerous hints and tips on how to improve our websites and importantly how to improve our search engine rankings.

I spent the next few weeks putting into practice all that I'd learnt and I'm now proud to say that on a worldwide Google search for Virtual Secretary I am ranked Number 1.

So, my advice to anyone reading this is:

Identify what you want to achive.
Put a strategy in place and go for it.....
.....and most importantly, enjoy what you do.


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