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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Staying on Top

To appear on the first page of any Google search warrants praise itself, but to make it to the number 1 position, without the investment of mountains of hard earned cash, is no small achievement.

Staying there is quite another thing.

Over the past 6 months I have worked continuously to achieve the number one spot ( and maintain it, and up until very recently was successful. Some may say even hogging the limelight by taking the 2nd though 7th position as well!

Over the past week, however, I have obviously rested on my laurels and this has seen me move down the ranking to the dreaded 2nd place - who is ever remembered for coming second?

The reason....well it's simple. I have code within my site which directs the spiders to revisit on a fortnightly basis but I hadn't made sure there was new content for them to get excited about - a cardinal sin in the world of web optimisation.

That said, I made some considerable additions to my site, not least by adding a link to my Blog and low and behold I have now regained the number 1 spot.

Website optimisation is not a combination of smoke and mirrors, or a trick that only those charging some £500 can achieve. It's simply ensuring your website has relevant content, contains the right keyworks - and I use the market leading wordtracker software, and vitally important it's regularly updated!

I've learned my lesson.


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