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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Virtual Office Secretary in the Sunday Times

Monday morning was quite a frenetic and exciting time.......

Matthew Wall, a freelance journalist working for the Sunday Times made reference to my "Award Winning" services and website in his article entitled Home in on a better lifestyle.

Wow! What a response this generated.

Following a flourish of new enquiries, which have continued throughout the week (8 of which have now become clients), my feet have barely touched the ground, and hits to my website have gone through the roof.

For my services to be quoted in such a prestigious national paper, and for free, is something that

As a regular contributor to my local paper, the Newbury Business Review, through my association with West Berkshire Business Club, I understand well the power of the media, but for my services to be quoted in such a prestigious national paper, and for free, is the icing on the cake.

Where do I go from here...

....simply ensuring that, like Santa, whatever it takes, The Virtual Office Secretary continues to deliver!

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  • well done great PR

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  • Awesome PR, great recognition of your service. It's surprising how working from home has, again, become very popular with the ‘recent’ rise of virtual offices in that a one-man-show can now compete against much larger competitors with a high street address and administrative support at a fraction of the cost of actually renting and running a city office. Some businesses are even offering positions that are home-based and run via virtual offices which mean that you can have your cake and eat it ie. work from home without working for yourself…

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